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In Their Words…

“I believe in the soul is only a metaphor… when I die, I think I’ll go up in smoke because I intend to be cremated. [Atheism] is a rejection of any concept that’s one’s life is influenced or altered by ethereal forces, deities, entities, star systems or the planets. I would perhaps term as acceptance: now is what there is. The past is the past. The future will inevitably happen.

Not to say all that is perceived is all there is – that’s a bit esoteric. But what happens to you, good or bad, is just that – something that happened. It’s not because you were good or bad. There aren’t any outside forces acting on you or for you. What happens just happens. If it something is seen as ethereally mysterious, to an atheist it’s and phenomenon or phenomena awaiting rational explanation. You don’t need a religion to guide your morality. You just have to be a decent human being an treat others that way. If you see something that belongs to someone else and you could take it with no chance you’d be caught, why not just take it? Because that’d be a crappy thing to do to someone.”
–Sean H.