Sunday Message – November 5, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. We give thanks today for the fire of our spirits, and the brilliant tapestry of life, of which we are all part. This world is full of wondrous things, life more diverse than anything we could imagine. We must respect all life, for all living things share in this time and energy, the ephemeral power of now.

The natural world is our mirror and our teacher. Reflected in the world around us is the truth of life and time, the presence of the Light, and the interconnectedness of things. By studying the world, we study ourselves. The water speaks of patience, the air of change. The elegant brutality of predator and prey teach us of life and death, the necessity of each. We move through this chess game of fate and chance, teaching ourselves as we go, watching for patterns and signs, and choosing daily to follow the pull of the Light.

We exist in the intricate balance of life, stewarding a world we do not understand. We must make ourselves allies to each other and the creatures in our care. Let us be mindful citizens of our planet, and act upon it with respect, not greed. Growth and healing come only from compassion, and we must nourish our environments and ourselves in the name of love.

Amen and namaste.

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