Sunday Message – September 24, 2017

Led (and piano’d) by Professor Alastair.

Hail and good morning this day in the Light. Happy Autumn to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. We give thanks for the turn of seasons, the burgeoning of summer into harvest. We remember that “to everything there is a time,” and autumn has a way of reminding us of the passage and beauty of time.

It always been my favorite season, perhaps in part because it is bittersweet– the colors I wait a year to see will last but days; the flaming reds and smoldering golds will soon enough be scattered ash to winter’s winds. Autumn reminds us of the inherent need to let go, and allow things to pass. Time changes all of us. A year from now, no one will be the same person they are today. The passage of time is natural and inescapable. To survive, we must continually let go; shed like leaves the things no longer necessary on the tree of our life, things that hold us back, thoughts and behaviors that are no longer useful. Sometimes this isn’t easy. Habits are hard to break, thoughts hard to eradicate, situations hard to escape, and people hard to walk away from– sometimes I believe that is why autumn has such color: letting go, shedding our Darkness to find the strength to let go, is often a fiery process, both in our souls and in the outside world. But there is beauty in the fire, the resurrection from the ash, as there can be beauty in pain, transformation and survival.

Autumn, for me, has always been a time of stories. The longer nights, the crisper air, and glassy transparency of the sky seem to beg for words, memories, and dreams. I have confessed more to the autumn wind than I’ve ever spoken to another soul, and perhaps it should be that way. We each find God in our own ways, and no two of us will relate to God in the same way. As you reflect this season, I hope you find the hidden threads of the Light in your story– they are there, I promise. Each of us is a leaf on the Tree of Life, and for as long as we breathe, we remain connected to the Light, the source of all Life. The fact you have survived this long is a testament to the strength of your will and the need the Light has for you.

We are all only here temporarily– seasons will change, we will know love and loss, delight and grief. No one can change as fast as Life does, but we can choose to follow it, to keep our eyes open, to fashion ourselves as the best we can be for the world around us now. Let us then be open to change, find joy in the colorful splendor of time, beauty in the ephemeral seasons of life, and rise like fire to meet each day that is given to us.

Amen and Namaste.

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