Sunday Message – August 27, 2017

Led (and piano’d) by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. We give thanks for the small mercies and blessings in our lives, and the glimpses of beauty and kindness, which remind us of the Light’s presence. In times of division, it is important to remember we are all part of the same tapestry of life; children of the same creative being, regardless of what name or story you choose to ascribe to it. From the same Maker’s hands, from the same Light, taking part in the same glorious expanse of Life, we are each connected to the other, and everything else.

The noise of the angry world makes it easy to lose sight of these connections, but without them, it is difficult to trust anyone, and more difficult still to make peace. It is to the Darkness’s favor to have us squabbling amongst ourselves over things, each so convinced we are right, everyone has forgotten how to listen.

I believe silence is an integral part of life. Without it, you’ll go mad with the noise of living. It is in the silence that we are able to hear God, and hear others. Without pausing to listen we will lose sight of the inherent connection we have with the world around us, and our ability to make peace with those who are different from us. If we do not take the time to listen, observe, and understand, we will be lost in the chaos ourselves.

Being silent requires a dash humility, for it allows as how one does not already have all the information. Every person in the world knows something you don’t. We are both teachers and students in our time here, crossing paths with others who give us opportunities to share ideas and learn something new– things we cannot do successfully if we close ourselves off to the rest of the world.

Let us look, then, with wonder on the world around us, and not with fear. The Light is with us, and we were made to be part of this grand scene of creation. Though there is rage aplenty, let us walk with peace, and offer an open hand to the clenched fist. Let us be the first to offer silence, a chance to listen and learn, a refuge from the noise. Let us show our strength by the depth of our love, the force of our kindness, and the peaceful endurance of our hope.

Amen and namaste.

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