Sunday Message – August 6th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and may be well met this day in the Light. We give thanks for the skies above us, which remind us change is constant. We give thanks for the water, which nourishes life and teaches us that patient persistence will win. We give thanks for the earth under our feet, for the history and promise it imparts. We give thanks for the fire, which warms and warns us, and teaches us to respect the things we would control. We rejoice in our being, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we rejoice in being part of the beautiful expanse called Life.

It is easy, I think, to lose sight of the wonders around us. People never stop talking, machines grind on unknowing of time, the media at all hours tells us of the evil swirling over the land, and all at once it seems a noisy and dangerous world. That is one face of it, I won’t deny, but it has many others too. In the midst of horror, there are always people who are brave and selfless. Even in the loudest of cities grow the most audacious flowers.

The world is full of little wonders if you look, little slivers of Light breaking through the cracks where evil break it. This is why I hope. At times, hope seems a foolish thing– a remnant of childhood, indicative of naivety and inexperience. I say it isn’t, not always. Sometimes hope is all that is left of a soul when it has passed through the trials of the world. I say if there remains hope, then there remains strength and direction, and those things are not foolish, not in any circumstance. Hope is a defiant thing. Hope, I believe is the thread which tethers us to the Light, the thing which enables faith, and sustains us when faith deserts us. For it is possible to hope for something, without having faith it will be there. Hope is all that is needed for Light, for hope is simply act of turning your face toward what you hope will be better. It is by Love that the Light is waiting at that turn. So long as there is hope, the Light will find you.

So walk with a hopeful spirit. You needn’t have unshakeable faith, nor perfect knowledge, nor some grand achievement. You need only have hope and love for the world, and the little wonders that sustain it.

Amen and namaste.

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