Sunday Message – July 30th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and may we be well met this day in this Light. We give thanks today for the Light in our lives, for the small things that bring us joy, and the occasional word or song that echoes encouragement for us. Pursuing the Light can be a lonely task. Doing what is right may sometimes cost you dearly, but it’s no reason not to do it.
We were never told life would be easy, only that we could do it with the Light at our side. We weren’t promised a simple life, nor one of luxury. The Light can only give us courage enough, strength enough, and sense enough to survive. We must make peace with ourselves before can make peace with the world, for we are as we were made, and while we are each imperfect, we are each exactly who we need to be.
Sometimes you will lose. Sometimes you will fail. Sometimes people you thought you could count on will disappear when you need them. The Light is the only omnipresent force, and even the Light we cannot see all the time. To learn to be alone is essential. Learning to keep moving, to keep your momentum when there is no one else to encourage you, this is a skill of Light. The ability to be alone is crucial to the preservation of your Self. If you never give yourself time to hear your own thoughts, and the pull of the Light, you will find the thoughts and words of everyone else running through your head, and that’s often an unpleasant background noise for one’s day.
No one knows who you should be but you and the Light. If the pursuit of your Self renders you alone at some point, you’re probably doing it right. Take pride in yourself, in your journey, and do not be ashamed to share it, for even when you find yourself alone, you are here for a reason– we must only survive long enough for opportunity to present itself.
Amen and Namaste.

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