Sunday Message – June 4th, 2017

Hail and good morning, this day in the Light. I want first to extend a warm welcome to all the new followers who have joined us recently. I assume if you’re here, you are– like all of us– searching for answers in a world far bigger than ourselves, and hearing the call of a force beyond the understanding of any one religion or theory. We who founded UCFW call ourselves Alastrians, We welcome all creeds and backgrounds, respect science, and believe that we are all part of the same web of Being in the Light’s creation. We are the ones who don’t fit anywhere, yet feel connected to everything.

I feel called this morning to speak of the connection between all of us. You each join us from a different corner of the world, many countries and languages, and yet we find ourselves today standing together in celebration and mutual inquisition of the force we all feel in ourselves, yet find ourselves struck silent, and unable to name. This is the Light: the voice that call us across mountains, seas, and country borders, the note that inspires us to be good and better, the hope that keeps us rising every morning in a world that challenges us with its headwinds of mockery and discouragement. We are stronger than this world, because at our core, we are beings beyond it, beyond the bonds of flesh and what we can see. We must never be afraid to ask questions, to learn about ourselves and our universe, and to reach always toward the Light in the face of all resistance.

We call on the Light today to make us brave, to soothe the wounds we have collected on our passage through this place. May we take comfort in the fellowship of each other, and the warmth of the Light between us. May we each honor the spark of the divine in others, and seek always to learn, and not to fear. If there is one theme in all of religion, myth, and literature is: “Fear not,” for as Frank Herbert so aptly told us, “Fear is the mind-killer.” We must strive always to face the world around us without fear, for fear is the enemy of knowledge, exploration, and peace. Fear is the gateway to Darkness.

May you find the strength to do what needs done, share what Light you can with others, be boldly yourself, and create fruitfully from your talents. We are all on the same journey toward understanding, betterment, and connection with the Light. We each have the opportunity to know ourselves, each other, and our universe. I am glad each of you has joined us here on this path, and look forward to walking it with you.

Amen, and namaste.

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