Sunday Message – May 28th, 2017

Great Light, we each come to you this morning as travelers in an unfamiliar world. We are as old as we have ever been, and yet as new to this day as any other. May the works of our hands serve your goodness, the words of our tongues speak of your truth, and may our hearts remain open to love in a world that is cruel to kind things.

Love is the strangest and most powerful force we will encounter. The Light shines on everything somehow. There is no creature undeserving of Light and Love; our fight is not with guns and the machines of war, but rather, we fight to have the courage to extend a hand without them. We fight to continue kindness in a world of greed. We fight to seek and include the excluded and the broken. We fight to keep Love alive in a time where worldly powers are often without it.

Life tests us and tatters us. We are each tempest-tossed; tried by darkness, loneliness, and pain. We are placed naked into circumstance, and given only our hearts and minds with which to survive this place. We must guard them well, keep our faces turned toward the Light, and our hearts softened by love. It is no weakness to love. There is no shame in loving boldly, in creating and singing the unique song of your life, nor in expressing your love and your soul in the ways that pull you to the Light. No soul is the same, no love is the same, and the world cannot do without a single one of you. Your contribution is unique. Your life shall be unique. Do not compare it to another’s, and do not question another’s. We journey our own paths, orbiting the same star, the same light, pulled together in the same great tide, each existing for our own purpose, serving an end that only we can reach, and only God can know.

Wherever you are today, I hope you may feel the warmth of the Light in your life. I would reassure you that whoever you are, you are enough, you are wanted and needed, else you would not be here. None of us understand the reasons for things, we must only trust there is a reason, and trust the Light to get us there. In the meantime; we can do only the best we can for one another and ourselves. Remember in all you do, both for others and yourself, that you are as deserving of love and kindness as anyone, and let nothing make you think otherwise. Whoever you are, I would tell you that your heart is beautiful, and if you do not agree, then I would argue to you that it can be made beautiful. Nothing is beyond beauty and peace in the Light. We have a choice each day what we purpose will serve. To serve the Light is to be made beautiful. To serve Love is to know love, and love makes all things bright.

Amen and namaste.

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