Sunday Message – April 16th, 2017 – Easter

Great Light of our Lives, and people everywhere: we greet you in the Light this morning. For some it is Easter. Rejoice, the Light is Risen. For others, it is merely the beauty of Springtime. Even in the midst of Spring, it can be hard to find peace in this wrathful world. At times, the war machines rattle so deeply across the nations it seems everything we know will quake apart in these hateful tremors.

But it will not be so. Every year, the world itself reminds us: the sun returns. The Light returns. Life is Risen. Every morning we have a choice, each of us: today, do I spread Light, or do I sit by and condone the Darkness? One of these choices is easy. The right one never is. The power of hate and war, these are the wages of Darkness. This is Hell come to us where we are, by our own hands. But the very point of Easter is to prove that the Light can tread even into Hell and rise again in the morning.

Every morning we are greeted with hope, with the promise of Love; we must only be brave enough to say, “yes, today I will rise. Today I will stand. Today I will fight in the name of Love.” The Light has already promised us the victory. It is only we individuals who must find the courage to stand up and join the chorus of voices in the Light, the oneness of Being, and choose Love over Hate, and Light over Darkness. Only then, will the world go quiet and know peace, and the true silence of the Garden on the Morning the Light returned from Hell, and said, “Fear not, for I have tread here before you.”

We have but to walk in the name of the Light, and the Light shall make the way for us. Follow the Sun, keep our eyes open to world and the needs of those around us suffering in this wilted and ravaged garden. Add light to the world wherever you can, and this too, shall make waves in the name of Love. Peace be with you. Light and Love be with you this day, and every day.

Amen and Namaste.

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