Sunday Message – April 9th 2017

Today’s message, led by Professor Alastair.

Blessed be those who wake in the Light this morning. Blessed be those without the Light, and may we find our ways to them so they need not live in the cold. For some, this is Palm Sunday. For others, it is a day like any other. Either way, I think we can agree it is the new start of Spring and Life, the coming of Light back into the world. May we each find the Light in our lives. May it strengthen us, nourish us, and replenish what the cruel world has drained from our hearts.

We give thanks for the wonderful world in which live– brave new world, that has such people in it– for the trees budding in the breeze, for the rivers running full, for the sky clad in peppered rainclouds, promising water for the flowers and the crops that feed us. The Light provides for us all, and we thank it for its shelter, guidance, and blessing.

We would remiss, though, to celebrate the Spring and ignore the suffering all around us. Children have died horrific deaths this week. The machines of war grind loud above the song of the Earth. The greed and anger of Man have wrought terrible things, horrors which shock our eyes and pierce our hearts. There is no answer of why. Evil needs no reason. The only thing can do in the face of such Darkness is be brave in the Light, help who we can, where we can, wherever are we, and fight in whatever corner of the world that is our to keep Love and Peace alive. We must shelter the flame from the winds with our own hands. The world will test us. The horns of war blare loud in the skies over our planet. The butchery and blasphemy of man against man, machine against child, these things will continue so long as people find no peace and love in their hearts.

We are the Light bearers. No matter how dark the night, we must come bearing our lamps. We must walk into the fire, tread tranquil into the cacophonous chaos, and we must reach, always reach, toward our kinsfolks outside the Light’s borders. They need us now more than ever. We cannot simply sit by and pray. We are spirits, heart, minds, and warriors. Peace is our message. Love is our weapon. And yet we are more powerful than any gas, or missile, or hateful countenance. We are more than the Darkness around us. We must shine, and shine brightly. We must speak, and sing, and reach ever toward those who need us.

Like the new-growing shoots of grass and flower, may we spring forward into the year with new purpose: may we be the Light in the Dark places. May we sing of peace when the world screams for war. May we offer loving hands when the world clenches its wrathful fist. Light is great and it is everywhere, but we are the instruments of its peace. Shine light wherever you are, rally under the banner of Love, and remember the Good which we all serve and desire.

Amen and Namaste.

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