I’m Building a Church

This is what it looks like right now.

Not much, is it?

But guess what?

I have someone who wants to help me build it. She’s a Pagan. She likes Trees. I like also Trees. They give us oxygen. So we’re good, Pagan-Gal and I. 🙂

She’s got a degree in something, probably art– but honestly I forget. You’ll like her. She’s volunteered her insomnia-time to talk to you if you need it, because she’s online anyway. Might as well talk to YOU.


Her name is Grace. Isn’t that funny? I’m so glad I had a few artist friends along the way in my Dark Night of the Soul.

Do you need someone to TALK TO RIGHT NOW?!
Text Grace at: (804) 326-4259

Or, if writing is your thing, EMAIL HER HERE:

And if talking to Grace doesn’t cut it, you can always talk to Alastair:

Be safe, guys.

For the Night is Dark, and Full of Terrors.

I have added their contact information to our Resources page. Please let me know if you have other resources to offer folks who are lost and hurting.


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