Origins of the Universe

The universe is thought to be over fifteen billion years old. Time began with the Big Bang, an explosive release of energy, setting all of life into motion. Over the course of billions of years, elements formed in the forges of stars. Cosmic materials heated and cooled, forming solar systems, and eventually individual ecosystems [source]. We at UCFW recognize these scientific facts, and therefore consider creation stories metaphors for the complex processes needed to form life, and believe the Light set the Big Bang in motion– seven days to the Light could be billions of years to the universe. Time is relative, affected by speed, gravity, and mass [source]. Our perception of time is very different from time on a cosmic scale. Light particles (photons) are capable of moving backward and forward in time [source], and achieving the fastest known speeds in the universe [source]. In light of this (we’re punny folks at UCFW– sorry.), we believe science supports the idea of an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Light entity. Something had to trigger the Big Bang, so until proven otherwise, we feel it was by the power of the Light.

As life began to take shape on earth, organisms began to change and evolve in order to survive in their various environments. Life began in the abundance of the sea, and spread onto land over the course of millions of years, diversifying over time into the wild spectrum of life on our planet [source]. Humanity, too, evolved over time. We believe religious creation stories, such as that of Adam and Eve, are representative of when mankind first became self-aware and planted the seeds of our modern identities. The events in the Garden of Eden mark our separation from the rest of the animal kingdom, and the transformation of our species into spiritual, intellectual, innovative beings. The Garden myth also represents humanity’s first encounter with the Dark, signifying that one of the defining characteristics of homo sapiens is the ability to distinguish between Light and Dark.