Sunday Message – July 16th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning and blessings, this day in the Light. We come together as mutual seekers of truth, finding ourselves in a world of confusion and division. Every voice screams so loudly, it can seem impossible to hear the truth. I believe the truth, like the Light, is an inherently quiet thing– a still, small voice remaining constant under the cacophony of life. Often when the world is loudest, the truth seems farthest away, but I believe it is there. Always, there.

We carry in us the seed of truth, because in each of us is a spark of God, the Great Truth. If we make ourselves quiet of spirit, open to the lessons of both our inner journey and the world around us, we can become our own teachers, and make our own ways, toward the truth we find in ourselves. It is not for anyone else to tell you who God is, or who you are. These things can only be found through living, surmounting pain, relishing joy, mastering fear, and exploring our worlds boldly. You have as much right to this world as anyone else; let no one ever make you think you are undeserving. We are children of the Light, placed here for a reason; you’ve as much claim as one else. Do not let them silence you. Do not let the truth be drowned out by voices of anger and fearmongering.

If those of us who carry a genuine thirst for the truth remain constant, the truth will come. We must never stop questioning. We must never assume we have the answer, or that the answer we have is complete. We will never know all there is to know about our anything– that is why it frightens me when religions and other organizations promise to reveal the truth. No one can reveal the truth; we can only help each other find it. Like Science, we can only say, “this is my theory, and this is my evidence for it.” To rise in righteous zeal when your god is questioned suggests you are lacking the evidence to support your theory. Perhaps your understanding is not as thorough as you’d like to think. If your understanding is built on what others have told you, I guarantee it is not.

Let us, then, ask of ourselves questions, and do not hide from the answers. The truth is often an uncomfortable business at first, but it is by making ourselves open to the truth that we grow, learn, and flourish. Let us encourage one another, comfort each other when the world whips us, and celebrate the joy that comes in living and learning together.

Amen and Namaste.