Sunday Message – November 19th, 2017

Led and piano’d by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. We have come to the season of thanksgiving, where we tally what we have sown, and what we have been given by grace. We give thanks for our lives, for the breath and blood sustaining us, for what health we have, for what food sustains us. Let us remember always to use our privileges for the good of others– when we have health, let us tend the sick; we when have food, let us feed the hungry. We are each agents of Light, and the Light sustains us so that we might bring light to others.

We are thankful for all the beauty of the world, the brilliance of the sun, the life-giving rain, the majesty of mountains, and the mysteries of the sea. We give thanks for the wind, and the secrets it carries, and for the trees through which it murmurs, which give us the air in our lungs. We give thanks for the marvels of the modern age, for the technologies that allow us this connection, for the advancements that heal and better our lives, and for the people who are brave enough to chart the way when new paths must be tread. May we all know the pull of the stars, and the call of the Light in our hearts, and be willing to follow.

We give thanks for our past, the things we have seen, and the lessons we have been taught. None of us would be where we are if not for where we have been, and wherever you have come from, you are exactly what you need to be in this moment. We give thanks for love, however it manifests in our lives– let us be thankful for family, friends, spouses, mentors and confidants, and all people who have shown us kindness when we needed it. Let us be filled with love of our own. Let us recognize ourselves as worthy of love, and make ourselves brave enough to share our love with others.

Amen and Namaste