The Spirits

We recognize a wide range of beings, and acknowledge that life exists beyond a physical state. Whether through light waves, the will of the Light, or some other forces we don’t yet understand, there are beings under heaven which are not human, but just as alive, and often more powerful. In some religions, these have been explained as angels, demons, djinn, or other entities. We recognize that spirits are as diverse as humans, and that they serve both Light and Dark purposes. We also believe that each individual begins life with a guardian/companion spirit, who helps the individual grow and achieve their purpose. The knowledge and experience of one’s spirit is an extremely personal thing, and we respect the myriad manifestations and interactions spirits are capable of expressing to humans. Whether in the form of a Muse, a guide in a dream, the “little voice” in the back of one’s head, or a strange flicker glimpsed from the corner of the eye, we believe spirits are present, and the influences they have on human life are extensive and diverse, and that each person experiences spirits differently.