Sunday Message – December 3rd, 2017

Led and piano’d by Professor Alastair.

Good morning and peace to you this day in the light. As the air grows cold, we give thanks for the silhouette lace of trees against a moonlight sky. We give thanks for the stars, and the dark spaces between them that leave room for questions and room for more light still. We give thanks for the wind, which carries the echoes of all the voices that have spoken to it before, and memories of all the lungs which have breathed it. We give thanks, for this reminds that we are alive, we are here, and we are part of this great living web called Life.

To all life there is time, and by time all things are done. Given enough time, a trickle of water can wear through stone. Given enough time and investment of energy, all things can change and grow. With enough time and love, even the thorniest gardens can be brought to flower. Time teaches us to be patient. Love gives us reasons to keep waiting and hoping. In times of uncertainty and darkness, patience is at times our only option. Suffering is unavoidable, but can be endured. Life is an ebb and flow of joy and pain, and it is the intertwining tale of each, and how we meet each moment, which gives our lives meaning. With every second of time given to us, we can embrace the circumstances we have, find ways to do the most good with what we have, and thereby make of ourselves living art, choosing to paint our hearts with the wild and brazen colors of hope and love, and where there is art and love, there is also Light.

The Light goes with all hopers and dreamers. If you can picture a better, kinder, more loving world, then the Light is with you, and gives you tools and talents, and circumstances to use them. Each day presents us with challenges to hone our skills, and moments where we may choose to use them. We cannot meet the need every time, but we do what we can when we can. We choose to meet each day as it comes to us, and do what good we can to spread what love and light we can. Therefore, we must always be watching and waiting in the name of Light and Love.

Amen and Namaste.