Sunday Message – October 15th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and blessings this day in the Light. We give thanks today for the breath in our lungs, the stars in our sky, and the unfolding horizons that remind us there is still more than we know. We are each on a path in this life, one we have no map for, and one that will lead us through all manner of treacherous places. There will be times we feel alone in the midst of crowds, and times when the world frightens us with its chaos and truth.

The Light leads each of us, and weaves the story of our lives into tapestries we may never see. Our days are full of fateful intersections. There is something new to learn in everyone we meet. Sometimes the voice of a stranger can break a lifetime of silence. A single act of compassion can leave life-changing ripples in its wake. We must always leave our doors open to the world, for it is only through making connections with others that we grow.

At times, our paths will require us to take great leaps of faith, to risk trusting in others, to make ourselves vulnerable to the effects of love. The future is nothing but a nebula of possibility, and is there anything more frightening than the unknown? We will never know everything, and can never hope to do everything right all the time. We can only do the best we can with what we have, and continue to choose love over hatred, Light over Darkness. I believe for as long as we choose the Light, the Light will guide us, and our paths will cross with those we need, and those who need us. In our travels and meetings, we become the people we are meant to be; we must only be brave enough to follow the path.

Amen and namaste.