Sunday Message – September 17, 2017

Led and piano’d by Professor Alastair.

Good morning and blessed be. We give thanks to the Light this day for the life in our veins, and the fire in our hearts, which keeps us walking even in the darkness. At times, it seems the world demands too much from us. It is difficult to keep watching the scene unfold, or to summon the courage to step out the door into it. I would remind you, though, it is not necessary to be perfect, nor to be the best. We are, each of us, perfectly imperfect. It is what makes us individuals, what makes us distinct among the stars, what makes each of us irreplaceable. If you wait until you think you are ready and perfect, you will never make your move or your mark. How many opportunities pass us by because we think we are not the right person at the time?

But you are the right person somewhere, else you wouldn’t be here now. The world isn’t waiting for some finished version of you. There is no finished version. We are continual works in progress– change is the only constant– and the moment we stop letting ourselves change and grow and learn is the moment we die. Do what you can with what you have, with what you are. Learn from what is around you. Ask questions, always. Guard your heart, and make sure the thoughts in your head are your own, and not just the echo of what you’ve been told. Assume everyone is your teacher and your guest, until or unless they prove otherwise. Life isn’t meant to be static– life is about motion, momentum, and adventure. The best stories are never about being comfortably ordinary. Why wish for a normal life? There is no such thing, when we are each unique. Whatever it is you are, do it well– do it with love, in the name of the Light, and for the sake of making life better for someone else, even briefly. We are but fellow travellers here; let us be kind to one another.

Amen and namaste.