UCFW Sunday Message – September 10th, 2017

Led and piano’d by Professor Alastair.

Good morning and peace to you this day in the Light. Let us give thanks for the breath in our lungs, the opportunities of each new day, and take comfort in the fact that we are all here together. Sometimes that’s not a comforting thought– sometimes it may seem like life would be easier if certain individuals were not in it, but we each serve a purpose, even seemingly antagonistic people. It is not necessary we like everyone, but it is necessary we respect their life here. We are each born of the Light, and while some wander astray, I still believe that for as long as there is life, there is the possibility for change and reconciliation.

I don’t believe Heaven has gates. I don’t believe Heaven is a place, per se. Rather, I think Heaven is true freedom of the soul; by very definition a Free Heaven cannot have gates or walls. I don’t believe there’s a man sitting at a door with your life’s scorecard, waiting to count your good points to see if you make it into the club. Whether or not you “make it to Heaven” is strictly between you and God, and is no one else’s business. No one else can get you into Heaven, and no one else can deny you entry. How you choose to define God (whether you want to include Christ in your concept, for instance) is up to you, but nonetheless, your fate lies with you and your relationship with the Light.

I also don’t believe one has to define God in any particular way, complete a specific series of tasks, or adhere to a certain set of rules. Rather, I believe if one desires the fulfillment of the soul and the freedom of Heaven, one must only turn one’s face to the Light. Reach for God, and God will reach back for you. The transformation that happens as a result, what you do with the power of knowing God and the courage of having the Light at your back, is up to you. My God is a loving God– a loving God doesn’t care what you call Him (or Her or Them), nor whether you did everything right. You are only human; God doesn’t expect you to do everything right. A loving God cares about one thing: Love— do you have Love in your heart? Is there Love enough for God, humanity, and yourself? If there is Love in your heart, you need fear no Darkness, for where there is Love, the Light is with you. Love is what ties us together and ties us to God. Heaven is where all who know Love unite. I imagine there will be some surprise to find out who is there and who isn’t, because sometimes Love is hard to see, and other times great deeds are done in the name of loving altruism but are motivated by self-serving greed. Only true Love makes us immortal. Act by any other motivation, and you do not act in the name of God.

Do not worry about the fate of your soul; worry about the needs of the people around you, worry about the presence of hatred in the world, worry about how you will reach the people who need you. This is worthy worry– this is the worry of Love, and if this what worries you, your soul will be fine. If you look at what is happening to your fellow man, and you feel pain somewhere in your heart, then you know Love: act on it. Love cannot be passive. The Light is not passive. We, as agents of the Light, cannot be passive. We must turn our pain and our Love into action which spreads Love. Love is a cumulative and contagious force. Let us pursue it boldly, and may our lives be mirrors to reflect the Light.

Amen and namaste.