The Light

The force we call the Light is the ultimate power of Good and Love. The Light is Creator of the universe– the trigger of the Big Bang, if you will. The Light is a sentient force, which guides us and guards us along our way. We are constantly connected to the Light, and therefore to each other. The Light communicates with us through other connections– interpersonal interactions, art, dreams, intuition, etc. We believe, for instance, the pull of single poignant lyric or line of poetry can bring one closer to the Light, because it was created by someone expressing their understanding of the underlying truth.

We believe Christ was a manifestation of the Light, an experiment of sorts. The Light took human form in Christ to communicate with us, to better understand our human experience, and to create an unbreakable dominance over the forces of Darkness.

Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, etc.
We believe the Light communicates with humanity through many avenues, including human beings themselves. Each prophet, oracle, etc. deepens our understanding of the Light, though none presents a full picture or exclusive route of connection.

The Bible and Other Religious Texts
We believe the Bible, Quran, and similar texts are tools to help us understand the Light and ourselves, and provide guidance on how we might strengthen our connection to the Light and increase our contribution. We do not believe that any one of these texts contains more veracity than another, and each is the result of (often centuries!) of human development and editing, so none is 100% accurate or authoritative.