Sunday Message – October 8, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and blessings this day in the Light. We give thanks today for the crisp air and pale sky, inviting our reflection and reminding us we are alive. We give thanks for the blazing colors, brushed across our landscapes by the Divine Artist, and in this time of change and transformation, we invite the Light to show us new paths, and bring us into our true colors.

Our lives intersect in ways we will never see the full scope of, leaving ripples in the lives of others as we move through the world and time. We may be, as Carl Sagan said, “a pale blue dot… a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam,” but the very atoms of our beings have power and meaning, exerting our individual energy on our surroundings. We are each connected to the greater whole. To reach out and make a difference to one is to make a difference to everything. In the words of Christ, “That which you do to the least of these, you do unto me.”

It is not necessary we each become world-reknowned or the best in our fields. We must only show up, be engaged, and be invested in making change for the good in the world around us. Walk with kindness, choose peace wherever possible, and ask questions of everything you see. Trust the divine spark inside you, form your own thoughts, remember love in everything you do. To close with Whitman, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

Amen and Namaste.

Sunday Message – July 16th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning and blessings, this day in the Light. We come together as mutual seekers of truth, finding ourselves in a world of confusion and division. Every voice screams so loudly, it can seem impossible to hear the truth. I believe the truth, like the Light, is an inherently quiet thing– a still, small voice remaining constant under the cacophony of life. Often when the world is loudest, the truth seems farthest away, but I believe it is there. Always, there.

We carry in us the seed of truth, because in each of us is a spark of God, the Great Truth. If we make ourselves quiet of spirit, open to the lessons of both our inner journey and the world around us, we can become our own teachers, and make our own ways, toward the truth we find in ourselves. It is not for anyone else to tell you who God is, or who you are. These things can only be found through living, surmounting pain, relishing joy, mastering fear, and exploring our worlds boldly. You have as much right to this world as anyone else; let no one ever make you think you are undeserving. We are children of the Light, placed here for a reason; you’ve as much claim as one else. Do not let them silence you. Do not let the truth be drowned out by voices of anger and fearmongering.

If those of us who carry a genuine thirst for the truth remain constant, the truth will come. We must never stop questioning. We must never assume we have the answer, or that the answer we have is complete. We will never know all there is to know about our anything– that is why it frightens me when religions and other organizations promise to reveal the truth. No one can reveal the truth; we can only help each other find it. Like Science, we can only say, “this is my theory, and this is my evidence for it.” To rise in righteous zeal when your god is questioned suggests you are lacking the evidence to support your theory. Perhaps your understanding is not as thorough as you’d like to think. If your understanding is built on what others have told you, I guarantee it is not.

Let us, then, ask of ourselves questions, and do not hide from the answers. The truth is often an uncomfortable business at first, but it is by making ourselves open to the truth that we grow, learn, and flourish. Let us encourage one another, comfort each other when the world whips us, and celebrate the joy that comes in living and learning together.

Amen and Namaste.

Sunday Message – May 7th, 2017

Great Light, we greet you with praise this morning, wherever we are. We give thanks for the day you have made, for the life you have placed in us, for the time we are given to walk this world. Help us remember always that you work through us; we are your vessels. Open our eyes to the world and the people around us. Fill us with compassion for our neighbor. Help us resist doubt, suspicion, and selfish motivations.

Open our hearts to the thread of Love connecting us all, and keep our eyes turned toward the wonders you have made. Let us not be made weary by the world around us, but keep our spirits fixed on the Light which shines on all things, leads us through the times of shadow and fear, and makes us strong in spirit, and courageous of heart. Let us seek not understanding from the world, but let us seek to understand the world as it is, in all of its imperfection and ugliness, and teach us how we fit into this grand design, what our contribution will be to the sum of Light, so that we might soothe what hurt we can, feed who we can, and leave this place better than when we arrived.

Let us not despair in the face of hatred and greed, but rather take courage, for our we draw our strength from the Light and Love itself. We must be gently kind in world that is cruel. We must extend the hands of peace in a world that arms itself for war. We must question everything we see and hear, and seek always the deeper truth that underlies the fleeting and empty things we see in the works of men. Bless our paths as we move through the world, guard our way, and keep us always in the warmth of your light.

Amen and namaste.

UCFW Sunday Blessing April 2, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair
Great Light, you see us and know us. You watch over us in the night, and guide our steps in the day. You are the wind in our sails, and the road beneath our feet. You propel us through this life, and we are but leaves borne on the ever-flowing river of your will.

I see great pain in the world. I hear the lonely cries of people without comfort. I hear the famished groans of starving children. I hear the echoing thunder of guns and machines of war. I feel the earth quake below me with anguish for what we have wrought in our greed and pride. Forgive us, all of us, for what we do to this planet, and to each other. Teach our hearts to be mild, our spirits gentle and kind. Keep our minds sharp, and our eyes wakeful. Help us soothe what hurt we can, feed whom we can, fight when we must, and make peace with those who have hurt us.

Be with us all, Light of Love. Be with each who wake in your presence this morning, and seek out those who have woken without you. Guard our ways as we move through these perilous times, and keep our spirits fixed on the unwavering Light of your Love and your hope. Give us the strength of lions, and courage of falcons. May we be swift on your winds, and may we bring your Light those who need it most.

In the name of our Light and Love– Amen and Namaste.