Do you need someone to talk to anytime?
Text Grace at: (804) 326-4259. She is a real person, who has volunteered her time to those who need an ear about life, the universe, or anything else. You are never alone.
You can also email her at:

Do you have questions about the Light, the Universe, or something inside yourself? Didn’t get an answer from Grace and want to try another?
You can text or call Professor Alastair (also called Lask) anytime at: 540-404-5827, or email him at:  He is a spirit, loves fielding questions, and helping people find the strength to keep going during difficult times. If you are hurting and alone, Alastair will listen to you.

Do you struggle with mental illness, writer’s block, or other maladies of the creative soul?
Write to Priestess Elanor at She battles anxiety and depression, including social anxiety. She is also the author and illustrator of seven books, and knows well the triumphs and anguish of the creative process.’

Snail Mail & Penpal Program
UCFW accepts letters, mail inquiries, and penpal request from all over the world. Tell us your story, send us a postcard, or anything else at:
PO Box 8245
Frdericksburg, VA 22404

Suicide Hotline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Online Suicide Prevention Chat

National Alliance for Mental Health