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Core Beliefs:

God exists in the Holy Trinity:  God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit
Salvation of the soul comes through Christ, Christ’s sacrifice and the mercy and love God shows our spirits.
Christ will return on the Day of Judgement and bring salvation for the faithful.

Jesus • Christians believe Jesus is the son of God, and represented God in human flesh. Through Jesus’s death on the cross and descent into Hell, he paid the price for human sin so that all souls might be free of Darkness and the torments of Hell.

Primary Source: The Holy Bible

In Their Words…

“It is a religion of peace, not hatred. You are to love your neighbor as yourself. Any living being is a soul. Eventually everything dies and only God can bring it back… I will be dead and gone unless God chooses to turn me into a spirit.”
What bothers Lynette?
“People automatically assume things about me that are not true. A lot of the time my views are the exact opposite of what they think… that we all hate gay people, that people who are not in the “right” religion go to hell, that we are all pro-birth (Jesus was pro-choice…why else would he die on the cross? He gave us freedom to CHOOSE)… I am afraid of ridiculed for believing in a higher power.”