Our Mission

We believe in a universal truth and light, which underlie all things. All stories ultimately tell some part of the same story. That “same story” is also the principles that guide physics and our understanding of science. Science seeks to understand the equations and patterns that govern our universe– laws of gravity, light waves, time, energy, states of matter. Religion seeks to understand the effects of these things on ourselves/our souls. That is, religion understands we are part of the energy in the universe, and that the universe interacts with us. Religion explains these interactions in spiritual terms. Science explains them in physical terms.

Science and religion are two overarching “kingdoms” in the human mind. Both are ways to understand God, the Universe, and our connection therein. Beneath these kingdoms, are many phyla and classes of thought to deepen our understanding of these things. On the spiritual side, there is literature, music, visual arts, language, performance arts, etc. Science, on the other hand, gives us biology, astronomy, chemistry, algebra, geometry, and all manner of other studies. Between the eloquent metaphors and chemical interactions, both sides of this coin speak to a greater understanding of truth in the universe. They are two different languages telling the same story.

In this way, we believe all concepts of a higher power are ultimately speaking of the same power. Whether it be called Yaweh, Allah, Christ, the Force, Physics, the Universe, the Light, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, all of these things are the same. Each of the stories or schools of thought are merely different facets or ways of looking at the same force. It is this force that Alastrians call, for the sake of brevity, the Light.

Therefore, we call ourselves allies to anyone who considers themselves a servant of the Light, no matter their ability or duration on the Path. That is, we accept peoples of all creeds, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages, and backgrounds. We believe all who seek meaning and connection in the Light are equal, worthy, and welcome. We encourage all to follow the life path that feels right to them, because we are all ultimately on the same journey to understand our universe, our place in it, and achieve unity with the Light and forces of Love.

We strive to provide an open forum for discussion, questions, theorizing, and philosophizing. We want to help others find their personal connection with the Light by nurturing individual talents and interests, and providing support for anyone seeking to develop an understanding of the universe that feels right by their own soul. We dislike the exclusionary and limited doctrines of conventional churches, and believe every journey is different. We offer our own spin on spirituality called Alastrianism, but offer resources and support to individuals of all faiths. The Light touches us each in different ways, so we believe any thought that holds personal resonance merits exploration and consideration. At UCFW, we come together as a fellowship in the Light, and share our thoughts with one another to gain deeper understanding through discussion, and in the hopes of inspiring thought in others. As our fellowship grows, we hope to coordinate efforts to offer assistance to those in need, promote social justice, and provide access to educational resources to a wider audience.