Sunday Message – July 8th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Hail and good morning this day in the Light. Today I would like to talk about something important: perspective. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves, for better or worse, whether we we like it or not. Not one of is exempt from the currents of life, the struggles and frictions of our world moving through time and space, with ourselves choosing each day whether to push forward, or become part of the friction.

You’re not as important as you think you are: you are one of many. Yet, not a single one is disposable or replaceable. We are each pieces of the great game, players on a stage we do not understand. Why then, do we insist on dividing ourselves in categories and subcategories, when together our combined force could pull the world itself in its course? We exist for one reason: to support everything else. To quote Walt Whitman: “The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” It isn’t about what’s in it for you, it’s about what we can do together when we start talking about the things we know are true because we all share them. The differences of the individual are important and essential; it is not for us to quibble over them. I am me, and you are, and it is that way because it has to be. Why? I don’t know. I just know we are here existing together, and we can either help each other, or not. In “Charge of the Light Brigade” it says:

“Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die.
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.”

Sometimes we don’t why things happen. Life is full of tension, loss, pain, and fearful things. This is inescapable, as energy is expended over the course of time. Energy, however, can be neither created nor destroyed; hence, “the powerful play goes on.” Life is bigger than any one of us, and yet we each have a coin to toss, a card to play, a verse to contribute. Where we cast our love is where we cast our lot. Be careful not to love yourself more than the beautiful tangle of life around you. Pour your love into living, into others, into helping whomever you can in the moment in which you are living. This is a life of love, and a life of Light. This is a choice we can each make every day at any time; the more who actively make it, the more powerful the play will be.

We are soldiers and peacemakers. We fight only with love in the name of love. Where they will roar, we will be the still small voice. Where they will hurl their pointed words or worse, their bullets, we will be the first to lay down arms and say, “enough!” For we are better than violence, better than hatred. Let us sow peace and mercy in our wake, as the Light we follow did for us. To choose quietness of spirit, to choose peace in a time of war, takes great courage. “Blessed are the peacemakers,” Jesus said. Let it be so– may the Light make each of us a courageous peacemaker.

Amen and namaste

Sunday Message – June 11th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Great Light, we give thanks this morning for the sunlight and the wind in the trees. We give thanks for the small ways you remind us of your presence– a glimpse of beauty along the highway, the right song in the air at the right time, or the kind words of a stranger when we need them most. You are in all things, and in you all things can be made Good. We each carry your Light with us; give us the courage to share it with those who need it.

It is a dangerous world we walk in, full of darkness and trials, but we must remember we walk with the Light, and in the Light all things are possible. We must take courage in the presence of the Light, and trust our understanding. The Soul knows what is right, and in the presence of the Light, the Soul goes quiet, and knows what it is made of. In the Light, we can be brave in our peace, bold in our peacemaking, and beautiful, whatever we are.

Do not be ashamed of what you are, for you are as the Light has made you. No matter where you are from, what you have suffered, or what you have done, if you reach for the Light, the Light reaches for you. You are enough, and you have things to contribute to this world that only you can provide. You are needed, though you may not know why, and the world under your feet wants you, the story of which we are all part needs you. If you find yourself in doubt of that, reach out. Help the old lady cross the street, feed the hungry dog, or just water the plant by your door— you’ll see how needed you are. The world always needs Goodness; choose to serve Good, and you make yourself indispensable to the world, no matter how small your contribution may seem.

Amen and Namaste.

Sunday Message – May 28th, 2017

Great Light, we each come to you this morning as travelers in an unfamiliar world. We are as old as we have ever been, and yet as new to this day as any other. May the works of our hands serve your goodness, the words of our tongues speak of your truth, and may our hearts remain open to love in a world that is cruel to kind things.

Love is the strangest and most powerful force we will encounter. The Light shines on everything somehow. There is no creature undeserving of Light and Love; our fight is not with guns and the machines of war, but rather, we fight to have the courage to extend a hand without them. We fight to continue kindness in a world of greed. We fight to seek and include the excluded and the broken. We fight to keep Love alive in a time where worldly powers are often without it.

Life tests us and tatters us. We are each tempest-tossed; tried by darkness, loneliness, and pain. We are placed naked into circumstance, and given only our hearts and minds with which to survive this place. We must guard them well, keep our faces turned toward the Light, and our hearts softened by love. It is no weakness to love. There is no shame in loving boldly, in creating and singing the unique song of your life, nor in expressing your love and your soul in the ways that pull you to the Light. No soul is the same, no love is the same, and the world cannot do without a single one of you. Your contribution is unique. Your life shall be unique. Do not compare it to another’s, and do not question another’s. We journey our own paths, orbiting the same star, the same light, pulled together in the same great tide, each existing for our own purpose, serving an end that only we can reach, and only God can know.

Wherever you are today, I hope you may feel the warmth of the Light in your life. I would reassure you that whoever you are, you are enough, you are wanted and needed, else you would not be here. None of us understand the reasons for things, we must only trust there is a reason, and trust the Light to get us there. In the meantime; we can do only the best we can for one another and ourselves. Remember in all you do, both for others and yourself, that you are as deserving of love and kindness as anyone, and let nothing make you think otherwise. Whoever you are, I would tell you that your heart is beautiful, and if you do not agree, then I would argue to you that it can be made beautiful. Nothing is beyond beauty and peace in the Light. We have a choice each day what we purpose will serve. To serve the Light is to be made beautiful. To serve Love is to know love, and love makes all things bright.

Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – April 30th 2017

Great Light, we give thanks today for the breath in our lungs, the sun in our sky, and the fire in our souls. You have kindled in us purpose and courage, and from it we offer you our gratitude and service. Teach us to walk your path, guard our way as we go, and make us bold in our passion for you and the life you have given us.

Though we will weather storms, though night will inevitably fall, and shadows close around us, we will hear your bell in the night, your voice on the wind, and see your beacon through the darkness. Keep us close to you as you move through the world and through us, and be close to us wherever we go. Make us instruments of your light and love and vessels for your peace, this day, and always.

Amen and namaste.

We also wish a fond happy birthday to one of our founders, Elanor.

Sunday Message – April 23, 2017

Sunday message with Professor Alastair.

Great Light, kindler of our worlds and souls, shine into our lives this day and fill us with the peace and purpose of love. Quiet our minds when they buzz with the agitation of the world around us. Help us to feel the steady current of your presence beneath every seemingly chaotic and senseless turn. You guide and guard us on our ways, and you are the author of our story.
Help us to seek wisdom and understanding. Let us not fear knowledge, but embrace it. Hone our minds to ask the right questions, make us bold in pursuit of answers and truth, and make us humble enough to accept it when we find it. Educate us in the ways of the world and spirit. Help us understand the sacred connection between all things, the Life that unites us, the spirit that guards us, and the part we must each play while we walk this world. Fill us with wonder, keep our eyes open with curiosity and watchfulness, so that we watch to learn as well as act.
Faith must be an action. It cannot be idle or passive, not in the days we now find ourselves. Be bold in your soul, extend love to yourself as well as your neighbor. You are as the Light has made you, and no matter where you are, or who you are, you are good enough, and have the capacity for light, love, and greatness. You are more than the flesh that contains you, and more than what people say. You live in the Light of the One who made you, who calls you by name to the path that is yours. Follow the call in your soul and no other, for it is not in the words of others that we will find God, but only in our study of the universe and ourselves.
May the Light be with us this day, and every day.
Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – April 16th, 2017 – Easter

Great Light of our Lives, and people everywhere: we greet you in the Light this morning. For some it is Easter. Rejoice, the Light is Risen. For others, it is merely the beauty of Springtime. Even in the midst of Spring, it can be hard to find peace in this wrathful world. At times, the war machines rattle so deeply across the nations it seems everything we know will quake apart in these hateful tremors.

But it will not be so. Every year, the world itself reminds us: the sun returns. The Light returns. Life is Risen. Every morning we have a choice, each of us: today, do I spread Light, or do I sit by and condone the Darkness? One of these choices is easy. The right one never is. The power of hate and war, these are the wages of Darkness. This is Hell come to us where we are, by our own hands. But the very point of Easter is to prove that the Light can tread even into Hell and rise again in the morning.

Every morning we are greeted with hope, with the promise of Love; we must only be brave enough to say, “yes, today I will rise. Today I will stand. Today I will fight in the name of Love.” The Light has already promised us the victory. It is only we individuals who must find the courage to stand up and join the chorus of voices in the Light, the oneness of Being, and choose Love over Hate, and Light over Darkness. Only then, will the world go quiet and know peace, and the true silence of the Garden on the Morning the Light returned from Hell, and said, “Fear not, for I have tread here before you.”

We have but to walk in the name of the Light, and the Light shall make the way for us. Follow the Sun, keep our eyes open to world and the needs of those around us suffering in this wilted and ravaged garden. Add light to the world wherever you can, and this too, shall make waves in the name of Love. Peace be with you. Light and Love be with you this day, and every day.

Amen and Namaste.


Hi all,

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p.s. In case you missed us yesterday, Alastair led a brief prayer and blessing, something he hopes to continue each week.