Sunday Message – January 28th, 2018

By Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. I must apologize for my extended absence, but hope the new year has been bright for each of you thus far. The world we live in is full of surprises, and each new day brings us the opportunity to grow and change. Life itself is change– endless processes of consumption and production, growth and decay, moving forward and backward. Many changes are out of our control, beyond the influence of a single individual. We can only control ourselves, our responses, our outlook.

We must observe constantly, take in information about the world around us and how we fit into it. The universe is a vast and ever-expanding web of interconnectivity. It is complete because we are part of it, and we are complete because it is part of us. What we observe about the universe also tells us about ourselves. What we do unto the universe, we do unto ourselves. It is impossible to ignore or deny our connection to the greater whole, and attempting to do so robs us of our strength, and our potential for wisdom.

We contribute our energy to the universe in everything we do, by giving or withholding, by choosing whether we will heal or hurt others with the energy we expend each day. Let us give freely to the universe, which gives freely of itself to us. We exist to contribute to something– society, the collection of human creativity, the food chain, the welfare of our families, the reach of our organizations– we get to decide every morning where we will contribute our energy that day. Let us make our contributions in the name of Light and Love, so the sum of our lives will contribute goodness to the world, and we can strive to make the inevitable changes of life an upward reaching track toward the Light.

Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – December 31st, 2017

By Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. As we come now to the close of the year, in midst of this bitter chill and these dark evenings, we remember all the Light we have seen and sown this year, all the Love we have shared, and all the hopes we retain for the year to come. Life is the greatest teacher, and each year brings us new understanding.

Let us look toward the year ahead with hopeful hearts. Let us not be afraid of the Darkness, for we have walked in Darkness all our lives, and yet still we live, and still we shine. Each day brings us new opportunities to see the face of love, to be the hands of kindness, and to share the sparks of hope with one another. In the days ahead, let us be vigilant for life’s lessons, both the good and the bad. Our pain and suffering teaches us strength, endurance, tenacity, the stubborn will of Life to survive and triumph. From the fox chasing a hare in the wood, to the collision of stars in the skies, all of life exists in an ebb and flow of peace and struggle, love and rage, madness and clarity. Let us not flinch from the moments of pain, let us look fearlessly upon what meets us on our path, learn from it, hear the words the experience would speak to our soul, and let it pass through us, so that we might continue on our ways wiser and stronger than before.

Life will never be free of pain, turmoil, or uncertainty. These are inextricably woven into the tapestry of life, into the fabric of our beings, because life and each of us are a balance of Light and Darkness. We carry each with us, learn from each, and are confronted with their reality every day. We mustn’t cut ourselves off from the currents of life that connect us to the world outside our doors. Let us reach for one another in the coming year, strengthen the ties between us, and add our light together to the sum of light.

Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – December 3rd, 2017

Led and piano’d by Professor Alastair.

Good morning and peace to you this day in the light. As the air grows cold, we give thanks for the silhouette lace of trees against a moonlight sky. We give thanks for the stars, and the dark spaces between them that leave room for questions and room for more light still. We give thanks for the wind, which carries the echoes of all the voices that have spoken to it before, and memories of all the lungs which have breathed it. We give thanks, for this reminds that we are alive, we are here, and we are part of this great living web called Life.

To all life there is time, and by time all things are done. Given enough time, a trickle of water can wear through stone. Given enough time and investment of energy, all things can change and grow. With enough time and love, even the thorniest gardens can be brought to flower. Time teaches us to be patient. Love gives us reasons to keep waiting and hoping. In times of uncertainty and darkness, patience is at times our only option. Suffering is unavoidable, but can be endured. Life is an ebb and flow of joy and pain, and it is the intertwining tale of each, and how we meet each moment, which gives our lives meaning. With every second of time given to us, we can embrace the circumstances we have, find ways to do the most good with what we have, and thereby make of ourselves living art, choosing to paint our hearts with the wild and brazen colors of hope and love, and where there is art and love, there is also Light.

The Light goes with all hopers and dreamers. If you can picture a better, kinder, more loving world, then the Light is with you, and gives you tools and talents, and circumstances to use them. Each day presents us with challenges to hone our skills, and moments where we may choose to use them. We cannot meet the need every time, but we do what we can when we can. We choose to meet each day as it comes to us, and do what good we can to spread what love and light we can. Therefore, we must always be watching and waiting in the name of Light and Love.

Amen and Namaste.

Sunday Message – November 19th, 2017

Led and piano’d by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. We have come to the season of thanksgiving, where we tally what we have sown, and what we have been given by grace. We give thanks for our lives, for the breath and blood sustaining us, for what health we have, for what food sustains us. Let us remember always to use our privileges for the good of others– when we have health, let us tend the sick; we when have food, let us feed the hungry. We are each agents of Light, and the Light sustains us so that we might bring light to others.

We are thankful for all the beauty of the world, the brilliance of the sun, the life-giving rain, the majesty of mountains, and the mysteries of the sea. We give thanks for the wind, and the secrets it carries, and for the trees through which it murmurs, which give us the air in our lungs. We give thanks for the marvels of the modern age, for the technologies that allow us this connection, for the advancements that heal and better our lives, and for the people who are brave enough to chart the way when new paths must be tread. May we all know the pull of the stars, and the call of the Light in our hearts, and be willing to follow.

We give thanks for our past, the things we have seen, and the lessons we have been taught. None of us would be where we are if not for where we have been, and wherever you have come from, you are exactly what you need to be in this moment. We give thanks for love, however it manifests in our lives– let us be thankful for family, friends, spouses, mentors and confidants, and all people who have shown us kindness when we needed it. Let us be filled with love of our own. Let us recognize ourselves as worthy of love, and make ourselves brave enough to share our love with others.

Amen and Namaste

Sunday Message – November 5, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the Light. We give thanks today for the fire of our spirits, and the brilliant tapestry of life, of which we are all part. This world is full of wondrous things, life more diverse than anything we could imagine. We must respect all life, for all living things share in this time and energy, the ephemeral power of now.

The natural world is our mirror and our teacher. Reflected in the world around us is the truth of life and time, the presence of the Light, and the interconnectedness of things. By studying the world, we study ourselves. The water speaks of patience, the air of change. The elegant brutality of predator and prey teach us of life and death, the necessity of each. We move through this chess game of fate and chance, teaching ourselves as we go, watching for patterns and signs, and choosing daily to follow the pull of the Light.

We exist in the intricate balance of life, stewarding a world we do not understand. We must make ourselves allies to each other and the creatures in our care. Let us be mindful citizens of our planet, and act upon it with respect, not greed. Growth and healing come only from compassion, and we must nourish our environments and ourselves in the name of love.

Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – October 29th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and blessings this day in the Light. We give thanks today for the love in our lives, the life in our lungs, the ways in which the Light provides for us. We are each travellers in this world, each with our maps, paths, and provisions. We must do the best we can with what we have, and follow our heart’s lodestar when the world is dark.

It is difficult to find stability and quietness. All around us, the world roars in its tempestuous chaos. Song is lost in the grind of war, kind words dissolve into frustration and anger, and the generous hand clenches into a fist. This is the toll of Darkness, this harshening and closing of the world. It takes far more courage to remain open and soft in the face of such a cacophony.

But it is love we must trust, and love we must walk in. Love is what will gentle the wilds, and calm hatred’s crimson tides. Love is what makes us able to forgive one another for the darkness in ourselves, and what inspires us to extend our hands to others. Let us love fearlessly, and boldly. Let us place the flower of kindness on the teeth of rage, and look into the eyes of others so that we might find better reflections of ourselves. Let us sow love wherever we walk, at every opportunity, so that the world might blossom on our wake.

Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – October 22, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and peace to you this day in the light. As the air turns colder, the geese flee, and the wind speaks of winter’s horizon, I am reminded of the strange timing of all things. “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Whether by fate or chance, we are each steered through this world, pulled by things unseen along currents we cannot understand.

It is useless, I think, to deny the presence of this underlying current. We cannot know all the turns of our path, all its intersections. The only thing we can do is follow the path ahead of us, address our circumstances as they are, and allow ourselves to accept opportunities the Light provides us. When we allow life to unfold in all its raw and genuine splendor, we glimpse the greater plan, and for a moment, we do not feel so alone.

Change is difficult. The unexpected is startling. Life will present us with things we never imagined. The world is full of the strange and marvelous. The less we resist its strangeness, the more quickly we can enjoy what this world has to offer, and start leaving our marks on it. Let us, then, submit to being conduits of Light, instruments of the Plan, and meet each day of life with open eyes and a welcoming heart.

Amen and namaste.