UCFW Sunday Blessing April 2, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair
Great Light, you see us and know us. You watch over us in the night, and guide our steps in the day. You are the wind in our sails, and the road beneath our feet. You propel us through this life, and we are but leaves borne on the ever-flowing river of your will.

I see great pain in the world. I hear the lonely cries of people without comfort. I hear the famished groans of starving children. I hear the echoing thunder of guns and machines of war. I feel the earth quake below me with anguish for what we have wrought in our greed and pride. Forgive us, all of us, for what we do to this planet, and to each other. Teach our hearts to be mild, our spirits gentle and kind. Keep our minds sharp, and our eyes wakeful. Help us soothe what hurt we can, feed whom we can, fight when we must, and make peace with those who have hurt us.

Be with us all, Light of Love. Be with each who wake in your presence this morning, and seek out those who have woken without you. Guard our ways as we move through these perilous times, and keep our spirits fixed on the unwavering Light of your Love and your hope. Give us the strength of lions, and courage of falcons. May we be swift on your winds, and may we bring your Light those who need it most.

In the name of our Light and Love– Amen and Namaste.

I’m Building a Church

This is what it looks like right now.

Not much, is it?

But guess what?

I have someone who wants to help me build it. She’s a Pagan. She likes Trees. I like also Trees. They give us oxygen. So we’re good, Pagan-Gal and I. 🙂

She’s got a degree in something, probably art– but honestly I forget. You’ll like her. She’s volunteered her insomnia-time to talk to you if you need it, because she’s online anyway. Might as well talk to YOU.


Her name is Grace. Isn’t that funny? I’m so glad I had a few artist friends along the way in my Dark Night of the Soul.

Do you need someone to TALK TO RIGHT NOW?!
Text Grace at: (804) 326-4259

Or, if writing is your thing, EMAIL HER HERE:

And if talking to Grace doesn’t cut it, you can always talk to Alastair:

Be safe, guys.

For the Night is Dark, and Full of Terrors.

I have added their contact information to our Resources page. Please let me know if you have other resources to offer folks who are lost and hurting.


The Spirits

We recognize a wide range of beings, and acknowledge that life exists beyond a physical state. Whether through light waves, the will of the Light, or some other forces we don’t yet understand, there are beings under heaven which are not human, but just as alive, and often more powerful. In some religions, these have been explained as angels, demons, djinn, or other entities. We recognize that spirits are as diverse as humans, and that they serve both Light and Dark purposes. We also believe that each individual begins life with a guardian/companion spirit, who helps the individual grow and achieve their purpose. The knowledge and experience of one’s spirit is an extremely personal thing, and we respect the myriad manifestations and interactions spirits are capable of expressing to humans. Whether in the form of a Muse, a guide in a dream, the “little voice” in the back of one’s head, or a strange flicker glimpsed from the corner of the eye, we believe spirits are present, and the influences they have on human life are extensive and diverse, and that each person experiences spirits differently.

The Dark

The Universe is a place of increasing entropy, and there is great capacity for evil in the human spectrum. The driving force of this entropy and decay we call, for the sake of brevity, Darkness. Like the Light, Darkness has many names and guises: Lucifer, Satan, Chaos, etc. The Darkness, too, is sentient, and is in constant conflict with the Light.

The Light

The force we call the Light is the ultimate power of Good and Love. The Light is Creator of the universe– the trigger of the Big Bang, if you will. The Light is a sentient force, which guides us and guards us along our way. We are constantly connected to the Light, and therefore to each other. The Light communicates with us through other connections– interpersonal interactions, art, dreams, intuition, etc. We believe, for instance, the pull of single poignant lyric or line of poetry can bring one closer to the Light, because it was created by someone expressing their understanding of the underlying truth.

We believe Christ was a manifestation of the Light, an experiment of sorts. The Light took human form in Christ to communicate with us, to better understand our human experience, and to create an unbreakable dominance over the forces of Darkness.

Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, etc.
We believe the Light communicates with humanity through many avenues, including human beings themselves. Each prophet, oracle, etc. deepens our understanding of the Light, though none presents a full picture or exclusive route of connection.

The Bible and Other Religious Texts
We believe the Bible, Quran, and similar texts are tools to help us understand the Light and ourselves, and provide guidance on how we might strengthen our connection to the Light and increase our contribution. We do not believe that any one of these texts contains more veracity than another, and each is the result of (often centuries!) of human development and editing, so none is 100% accurate or authoritative.