Sunday Message – August 20th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Hail and good morning this day in the Light. I hope you each find a moment of quiet today. It is a noisy world, and the angry voices and raucous grind of war make it difficult to find silence and peace. It is important we make time for silence, for I believe it is there the Light best speaks to us. Too many people expect God to announce Himself with trumpets, but God isn’t going to appear and fix things, and no great voice is going to come from the sky– it doesn’t happen that way any more, if it ever did. But “the still small voice” is with us, and that one has always been there.

Some people call it intuition, other people might just call it a “vibe.” Regardless, there is something inside us forever connected to the Light and the great web of Being. When we are quiet, sometimes we hear it– sometimes when we look to the sky at night and our gaze lingers on the stars, sometimes when we look out across the horizon and feel the pull to chase it, when we feel the touch of crisp wind in the warm sun, or find ourselves struck silent by something beautiful– this is how we know God is with us. The Light is a feeling, a presence, a quiet undertone amidst the cacophony. We haven’t a chance of hearing it if we’re screaming at each other.

It takes courage to a peacemaker, to choose quiet when the world incites us to rage, to enforce peace in our lives when the world would bring violence to our door, and to be brave in loving one another when we’re told to be distrustful of everyone. Peace is always an act of courage– make no mistake: peace is not always synonymous with pacifism. Quite the opposite: peace will be achieved through activism, constant engagement, vigilant attention, and radical kindness in the name of love. We cannot make peace by praying, or donating money. We make peace by extending our own hands, raising our own voices, and crossing our thresholds every day to walk in the world that needs us. Though it is a frightening place at times, we will walk unafraid, for the Light is with us, and we know already that Love and Peace will win over whatever Darkness rises on our horizon. We need only be constant in our commitment to peace, and follow the Light– we are the barrier which stands against Darkness. We needn’t match the Enemy’s tactics, we need only stand together as an unmovable line of decency, dignity, intelligence, and love. We know what is right: Love, equality, education, kindness– these are of the Light. Whatever would part us from those things has no place in a decent world, and we must hold strong to that. Some things are not on faith: we do not need faith or spirituality to tell us it is right to be kind to each other. It is not by faith we know that humankind was created equal, and therefore every person deserves respect and that no one is above another. God does not need to tell us that violence wrong, that allowing people to starve or go without healthcare is wrong, or that wishing evil upon our neighbors is wrong. Some things we know because we are decent people, and we must be vigilant to remain so. It is easy to get swept into the angry tide, but we are not the tide– we are the rock upon which it breaks. This is the pattern of history. Love and peace are cumulative and immortal forces. Stomp them down, they grow back stronger, more resilient, more determined. They may be delayed, but they will not be stopped. Love is the pattern and Love is the endgame; we need only stand in its name and hold the line.

Amen and Namaste.

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