Sunday Message – June 24th, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair.

Good morning, and greetings this day in the Light. You will have to forgive my absence last week, as I was away on family matters. I find myself returned this week, reflecting on our mission, on the Love which drives us, and the Light that pulls us together. I assume if you are listening today, you have felt the pull of something beyond yourself, like the rest of us here, and though you may not have a name for it, or understand its scope, it is this power and Light to which we pay homage and declare our allegiance; for it is within the Light that we are made better, more beautiful and more powerful than we could be on our own.

In the Light, there is room enough for all. Heaven, if indeed it is “Heaven”, contains love and space enough for the greatest and smallest, and all inbetween. The Light loves each of us indiscriminately, regardless of where we have come from, or how much we have to offer– it is not about your stature, your talents, or where you have been; it is about you, yourself, the unique contribution that only you can provide to this world, the lives only you can touch, and the love only you can give. You have within you a force and will to rival the tides in the ocean. You have power, peace, and goodwill that can only come from the Light. To know the Light is to know love, and I hope this morning, you can feel the presence and comfort of that love.

Wherever you are, I hope the Light shines on you this day. Whatever pain you carry, may you find comfort. Whatever fear lurks in your heart, may you drive it out with courage. And whatever you do not know, may you be brave and humble enough to seek out the answers. It is only through the pursuits of knowledge, reason, science, and a mutual compassion for humanity, that we will draw ourselves closer to God.

Amen and namaste.

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