Sunday Message – April 23, 2017

Sunday message with Professor Alastair.

Great Light, kindler of our worlds and souls, shine into our lives this day and fill us with the peace and purpose of love. Quiet our minds when they buzz with the agitation of the world around us. Help us to feel the steady current of your presence beneath every seemingly chaotic and senseless turn. You guide and guard us on our ways, and you are the author of our story.
Help us to seek wisdom and understanding. Let us not fear knowledge, but embrace it. Hone our minds to ask the right questions, make us bold in pursuit of answers and truth, and make us humble enough to accept it when we find it. Educate us in the ways of the world and spirit. Help us understand the sacred connection between all things, the Life that unites us, the spirit that guards us, and the part we must each play while we walk this world. Fill us with wonder, keep our eyes open with curiosity and watchfulness, so that we watch to learn as well as act.
Faith must be an action. It cannot be idle or passive, not in the days we now find ourselves. Be bold in your soul, extend love to yourself as well as your neighbor. You are as the Light has made you, and no matter where you are, or who you are, you are good enough, and have the capacity for light, love, and greatness. You are more than the flesh that contains you, and more than what people say. You live in the Light of the One who made you, who calls you by name to the path that is yours. Follow the call in your soul and no other, for it is not in the words of others that we will find God, but only in our study of the universe and ourselves.
May the Light be with us this day, and every day.
Amen and namaste.

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