Sunday Message – April 23, 2017

Sunday message with Professor Alastair.

Great Light, kindler of our worlds and souls, shine into our lives this day and fill us with the peace and purpose of love. Quiet our minds when they buzz with the agitation of the world around us. Help us to feel the steady current of your presence beneath every seemingly chaotic and senseless turn. You guide and guard us on our ways, and you are the author of our story.
Help us to seek wisdom and understanding. Let us not fear knowledge, but embrace it. Hone our minds to ask the right questions, make us bold in pursuit of answers and truth, and make us humble enough to accept it when we find it. Educate us in the ways of the world and spirit. Help us understand the sacred connection between all things, the Life that unites us, the spirit that guards us, and the part we must each play while we walk this world. Fill us with wonder, keep our eyes open with curiosity and watchfulness, so that we watch to learn as well as act.
Faith must be an action. It cannot be idle or passive, not in the days we now find ourselves. Be bold in your soul, extend love to yourself as well as your neighbor. You are as the Light has made you, and no matter where you are, or who you are, you are good enough, and have the capacity for light, love, and greatness. You are more than the flesh that contains you, and more than what people say. You live in the Light of the One who made you, who calls you by name to the path that is yours. Follow the call in your soul and no other, for it is not in the words of others that we will find God, but only in our study of the universe and ourselves.
May the Light be with us this day, and every day.
Amen and namaste.

Sunday Message – April 16th, 2017 – Easter

Great Light of our Lives, and people everywhere: we greet you in the Light this morning. For some it is Easter. Rejoice, the Light is Risen. For others, it is merely the beauty of Springtime. Even in the midst of Spring, it can be hard to find peace in this wrathful world. At times, the war machines rattle so deeply across the nations it seems everything we know will quake apart in these hateful tremors.

But it will not be so. Every year, the world itself reminds us: the sun returns. The Light returns. Life is Risen. Every morning we have a choice, each of us: today, do I spread Light, or do I sit by and condone the Darkness? One of these choices is easy. The right one never is. The power of hate and war, these are the wages of Darkness. This is Hell come to us where we are, by our own hands. But the very point of Easter is to prove that the Light can tread even into Hell and rise again in the morning.

Every morning we are greeted with hope, with the promise of Love; we must only be brave enough to say, “yes, today I will rise. Today I will stand. Today I will fight in the name of Love.” The Light has already promised us the victory. It is only we individuals who must find the courage to stand up and join the chorus of voices in the Light, the oneness of Being, and choose Love over Hate, and Light over Darkness. Only then, will the world go quiet and know peace, and the true silence of the Garden on the Morning the Light returned from Hell, and said, “Fear not, for I have tread here before you.”

We have but to walk in the name of the Light, and the Light shall make the way for us. Follow the Sun, keep our eyes open to world and the needs of those around us suffering in this wilted and ravaged garden. Add light to the world wherever you can, and this too, shall make waves in the name of Love. Peace be with you. Light and Love be with you this day, and every day.

Amen and Namaste.

Sunday Message – April 9th 2017

Today’s message, led by Professor Alastair.

Blessed be those who wake in the Light this morning. Blessed be those without the Light, and may we find our ways to them so they need not live in the cold. For some, this is Palm Sunday. For others, it is a day like any other. Either way, I think we can agree it is the new start of Spring and Life, the coming of Light back into the world. May we each find the Light in our lives. May it strengthen us, nourish us, and replenish what the cruel world has drained from our hearts.

We give thanks for the wonderful world in which live– brave new world, that has such people in it– for the trees budding in the breeze, for the rivers running full, for the sky clad in peppered rainclouds, promising water for the flowers and the crops that feed us. The Light provides for us all, and we thank it for its shelter, guidance, and blessing.

We would remiss, though, to celebrate the Spring and ignore the suffering all around us. Children have died horrific deaths this week. The machines of war grind loud above the song of the Earth. The greed and anger of Man have wrought terrible things, horrors which shock our eyes and pierce our hearts. There is no answer of why. Evil needs no reason. The only thing can do in the face of such Darkness is be brave in the Light, help who we can, where we can, wherever are we, and fight in whatever corner of the world that is our to keep Love and Peace alive. We must shelter the flame from the winds with our own hands. The world will test us. The horns of war blare loud in the skies over our planet. The butchery and blasphemy of man against man, machine against child, these things will continue so long as people find no peace and love in their hearts.

We are the Light bearers. No matter how dark the night, we must come bearing our lamps. We must walk into the fire, tread tranquil into the cacophonous chaos, and we must reach, always reach, toward our kinsfolks outside the Light’s borders. They need us now more than ever. We cannot simply sit by and pray. We are spirits, heart, minds, and warriors. Peace is our message. Love is our weapon. And yet we are more powerful than any gas, or missile, or hateful countenance. We are more than the Darkness around us. We must shine, and shine brightly. We must speak, and sing, and reach ever toward those who need us.

Like the new-growing shoots of grass and flower, may we spring forward into the year with new purpose: may we be the Light in the Dark places. May we sing of peace when the world screams for war. May we offer loving hands when the world clenches its wrathful fist. Light is great and it is everywhere, but we are the instruments of its peace. Shine light wherever you are, rally under the banner of Love, and remember the Good which we all serve and desire.

Amen and Namaste.

UCFW Sunday Blessing April 2, 2017

Led by Professor Alastair
Great Light, you see us and know us. You watch over us in the night, and guide our steps in the day. You are the wind in our sails, and the road beneath our feet. You propel us through this life, and we are but leaves borne on the ever-flowing river of your will.

I see great pain in the world. I hear the lonely cries of people without comfort. I hear the famished groans of starving children. I hear the echoing thunder of guns and machines of war. I feel the earth quake below me with anguish for what we have wrought in our greed and pride. Forgive us, all of us, for what we do to this planet, and to each other. Teach our hearts to be mild, our spirits gentle and kind. Keep our minds sharp, and our eyes wakeful. Help us soothe what hurt we can, feed whom we can, fight when we must, and make peace with those who have hurt us.

Be with us all, Light of Love. Be with each who wake in your presence this morning, and seek out those who have woken without you. Guard our ways as we move through these perilous times, and keep our spirits fixed on the unwavering Light of your Love and your hope. Give us the strength of lions, and courage of falcons. May we be swift on your winds, and may we bring your Light those who need it most.

In the name of our Light and Love– Amen and Namaste.


Hi all,

We’re making great progress here. I’ve got solid survey results that I’m processing, and I hope to have more to work with soon. I’ll be updating the pages this week to feature the best of our survey responses.

UCFW is active on Facebook and Pinterest. We are setting up other accounts, and seeking volunteers to help curate and manage our social media presence! If you would like some experience with online marketing, professional social media usage, or site creation, please get in touch. We are happy to provide training to willing volunteers.


p.s. In case you missed us yesterday, Alastair led a brief prayer and blessing, something he hopes to continue each week.

I’m Building a Church

This is what it looks like right now.

Not much, is it?

But guess what?

I have someone who wants to help me build it. She’s a Pagan. She likes Trees. I like also Trees. They give us oxygen. So we’re good, Pagan-Gal and I. 🙂

She’s got a degree in something, probably art– but honestly I forget. You’ll like her. She’s volunteered her insomnia-time to talk to you if you need it, because she’s online anyway. Might as well talk to YOU.


Her name is Grace. Isn’t that funny? I’m so glad I had a few artist friends along the way in my Dark Night of the Soul.

Do you need someone to TALK TO RIGHT NOW?!
Text Grace at: (804) 326-4259

Or, if writing is your thing, EMAIL HER HERE:

And if talking to Grace doesn’t cut it, you can always talk to Alastair:

Be safe, guys.

For the Night is Dark, and Full of Terrors.

I have added their contact information to our Resources page. Please let me know if you have other resources to offer folks who are lost and hurting.


Origins of the Universe

The universe is thought to be over fifteen billion years old. Time began with the Big Bang, an explosive release of energy, setting all of life into motion. Over the course of billions of years, elements formed in the forges of stars. Cosmic materials heated and cooled, forming solar systems, and eventually individual ecosystems [source]. We at UCFW recognize these scientific facts, and therefore consider creation stories metaphors for the complex processes needed to form life, and believe the Light set the Big Bang in motion– seven days to the Light could be billions of years to the universe. Time is relative, affected by speed, gravity, and mass [source]. Our perception of time is very different from time on a cosmic scale. Light particles (photons) are capable of moving backward and forward in time [source], and achieving the fastest known speeds in the universe [source]. In light of this (we’re punny folks at UCFW– sorry.), we believe science supports the idea of an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Light entity. Something had to trigger the Big Bang, so until proven otherwise, we feel it was by the power of the Light.

As life began to take shape on earth, organisms began to change and evolve in order to survive in their various environments. Life began in the abundance of the sea, and spread onto land over the course of millions of years, diversifying over time into the wild spectrum of life on our planet [source]. Humanity, too, evolved over time. We believe religious creation stories, such as that of Adam and Eve, are representative of when mankind first became self-aware and planted the seeds of our modern identities. The events in the Garden of Eden mark our separation from the rest of the animal kingdom, and the transformation of our species into spiritual, intellectual, innovative beings. The Garden myth also represents humanity’s first encounter with the Dark, signifying that one of the defining characteristics of homo sapiens is the ability to distinguish between Light and Dark.